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To Compare Two Surgical Procedures for Breast Cancer Patients with Lymph Nodes in the Armpit That Cannot Be Felt by the Doctor (B32)
Christopher B. Caldwell, MD

To determine whether Sentinel Node Resection compared to Axillary Dissection can reduce morbidity while providing the same prognostic information,...

CONTINUUM – Facilitating Vesico-Urethral Anastomosis Following a Radical Prostatectomy. Sponsored by the American Medical System
John Valvo, MD

To study the effectiveness of a device for cancer patients who undergo prostate removal with the DaVinci robotic machine.

(97-20) Menstrual Cycle and Surgical Treatment of Breast Cancer
Christopher B. Caldwell, MD

To determine whether, in premenopausal women, timing breast cancer surgery in the follicular vs. the luteal stage of the menstrual cycle affects...