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Urology Research

Finding new approaches to treating bladder, urinary tract and prostate difficulties

Rochester General Hospital’s urology department provides a full range of diagnostic and urologic treatment services for adults and children. Adult urology services include treatment for cancer of the urinary tract (including kidneys, ureters, bladder, prostate, penis, testes), stone disease, urinary infections, urinary incontinence, impotence and infertility. We specialize in bladder surgery as well. Urology services for children include penile and genital reconstruction and surgery of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, penis, and testes.

The department treats the majority of the area's patients who are in need of care for infertility, impotence and incontinence. Urologists affiliated with Rochester General Hospital utilize the latest in advanced laparoscopic technology including robotic surgery.
Our urology research department participates in clinical trials as available. Patients who volunteer for research in urology may benefit from receiving an investigational treatment before it’s widely available. For those suffering from the diseases we treat, participation in a trial can bring renewed hope and a greater sense of control.

For more information on urology clinical trials, call (585) 922-5640.

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