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Clinical Services

A 528-bed acute-care hospital, Rochester General Hospital records more than 20,000 admissions each year and 120,000 visits to its outpatient clinics. More than 11,000 patients are treated annually in the Hospital's Ambulatory Surgery Center and Ambulatory Procedures Center, while the Emergency Department attends to more than 65,000 annual visits. Rochester General has earned a reputation for excellence in a variety of specialties including cardiothoracic surgery, cancer treatment, women's services, stroke treatment and pediatrics. Rochester General Hospital is the only Solucient Top 100 Heart Hospital in the region.

Perinatology, Antenatal Testing and High Risk Obstetrics

Residents Participate in Gynecologic SurgeryThe division of Perinatology and Antenatal Testing provides diagnostic services (such as ultrasound, amniocentesis, non-stress testing, biophysical scores, and AFP testing) in addition to genetic counseling for risk factors such as maternal age and hereditary disorders. A high-risk obstetrical clinic is held every Tuesday afternoon attended by a perinatologist and members of the resident staff. The division is staffed by perinatologists from the University of Rochester Medical Center. Residents rotate on Maternal Fetal Medicine for two months during the second and fourth years. During this rotation the residents gain considerable experience in high risk obstetrics as well as performing obstetrical ultrasound procedures.

Reproductive Endocrinology

Women with infertility problems, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, and other reproductive endocrine problems such as amenorrhea and hirsutism, are followed in The Women's Center. In the second and third year, residents rotate at the Institute for Reproductive Health and Fertility in Rochester. The facility is a private referral center for in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproductive techniques. Residents assist the Institute's reproductive endocrinologists in infertility surgery at Park Ridge Hospital, a community hospital located 10 minutes from Rochester General, as well as at RGH. During this rotation, residents gain considerable experience in performing vaginal ultrasound procedures.

Gynecologic Oncology

Rochester General Hospital's facilities include a comprehensive Cancer Center. Gynecologic oncologists, medical oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, and radiation oncologists treat one-third of the area's cancer patients. The GYN Oncology Division at RGH is staffed by Gynecologic oncologists from the University of Rochester Medical Center. Residents rotate for two months on GYN Oncology during the second and fourth years. They spend two half days a week at the oncology office as well as scrub with the oncologists for oncology surgical procedures performed at RGH.

Gynecologic Surgery

Comprehensive gynecologic surgery is performed on an inpatient and outpatient basis. More than 1600 outpatient and 700 inpatient surgical procedures are done each year. Rochester General Hospiatal’s gynecologists conduct many of these procedures laparoscopically. Residents are involved in all of these surgical procedures. The gyn operating rooms are located adjacent to the Birthing Center and are more directly under the control of the OBGYN Department. This provides increased convenience for both attending physicians and resident staff. The resident staff will get trained in open and laparoscopic surgical techniques through different simulation modules as well as animal labs.

Our gyn operating room is also equipped with the state of the art DaVinci Robotic system and has been one of the leading hospitals in the nation regarding the number robotic surgeries done so far.  Working together with our expert surgeons, the residents will get excellent hands on training in robotic surgery which is a unique quality of our program.

Residents rotate on urogynecology for two months during the third and fourth years. During this time the resident spends two half days a week in a private physician's office, becoming more familiar with urodynamic testing procedures and the preoperative and postoperative management of patients with various problems related to distortion of pelvic anatomy. Extensive numbers of urogynecologic and pelvic reconstructive surgical procedures are performed at Rochester General Hospital and the residents will scrub with the urogynecologists on these procedures while on this rotation. After the four years of residency, our residents will gain excellent surgical skills in most of the urogyn procedures under the expert guidance of our eminent urogynecologists.

Obstetrical Inpatient Facilities

The obstetric unit is equipped with sixteen Labor, Delivery, Recovery, and Postpartum (LDRP) suites and 18 antenatal and postpartum/post-op beds. The unit also has a four bed L&D triage, four high-risk labor rooms, two Labor, Delivery, and Recovery (LDR) rooms as well as two operating rooms that are dedicated only for cesarean births.

The philosophy of the inpatient unit is a Mother-Baby Care Unit, in which mothers and their infants are encouraged to share the same hospital room. Rochester General Hospital’s Birthing Center received special recognition in 2000 with its designation from the World Health Organization and the United Nation’s Children’s Fund as the first "Baby-Friendly" hospital in New York State. This designation is given to hospitals that demonstrate a commitment to the health and well being of mothers and their babies through the implementation of a rigorous set of protocols supporting breast feeding. In this environment, residents are encouraged and taught to promote and support breast feeding mothers. Rochester General's obstetrics volume continues to grow, and currently exceeds 2,400 births a year.

Pediatrics and Neonatology

Rochester General has a comprehensive pediatrics department, which includes a division of neonatology. A 12-bed Level II Special Care Nursery Unit is located adjacent to the Labor and Delivery unit. Attending pediatricians and neonatologists are available around the clock. Pediatric residents from the University of Rochester Medical Center also rotate through the nursery at RGH for part of their NICU experience.

The Women's Center

Rochester General Hospital’s Women’s Center, housed in an attractive office facility in the hospital campus, provides the majority of the department’s outpatient services. Its staff includes physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, registered dietitians, and social workers. The Women’s Center offers a variety of educational programs and services to the patients.

An important feature of The Women’s Center is the development of the resident continuity practices where each resident follows a group of patients in a private practice setting throughout the duration of their residency. Residents have protected time to see patients in their office session one half day a week during the four years of the program. An OBGYN attending physician is present at each of the continuity practice sessions to consult with and supervise the residents on a variety of clinical situations. This continuity model provides a valuable opportunity for residents to become familiar with the practical aspects of managing a patient in an ambulatory setting as well as offering improved care for our patients. During this clinical practice, residents also become familiar with office procedures like IUD and Implanon insertion, endometrial biopsy, colposcopy, etc.