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Program Highlights

Internal Medicine residents at Rochester General Hospital

Our program has provided resident training for more than 30 years! Our success comes from treating residents as adult learners. We strive to balance a rigorous inpatient and ambulatory training with expectations of independent thought and a sense of ownership in patient care. Residents thrive here. Medical students from the University of Rochester repeatedly choose RGH as the preferred site for their Internal Medicine training.

Watch the video to learn about the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Rochester General Hospital.

A View of Rochester General HospitalRochester General Hospital, a 528-bed "community" hospital, has been named one of the top 100 best cardiac centers in the country eight times. Our curriculum uses the teaching strength of over 70 RGH-based faculty, and more than 100 community physicians.

Our curriculum, even at a glance, shows careful design and purpose: strong training in evidence-based medicine, guidance to ask a clinical question and work through a scholarship project, complete with presentation and feedback. Why not a half-day per week clinic in Pulmonary, GI, Nephrology, or even Sports Medicine? Is any other program doing all this?

We also provide our residents access to web-based research tools including UpToDate anywhere, including remote access, on line journals and the ability to access lectures and their schedules online -- anything that will make it easier for our residents to be successful

Rochester General Hospital is proud to be an active participant in the University of Rochester’s teaching programs. Please take a close look at The Rochester General Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program and all it has to offer. Can we help you to get where you need to be?