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Dexa Bone Density Scan Now Available

Physician Connection
Summer 2012

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, half of all women over age 50, and one in four men, will have an osteoporosis-related fracture in their remaining lifetime. Osteoporosis may progress silently for decades with no symptoms until fractures occur. Bone loss can be reduced by treatment, but it is difficult to restore the skeleton’s micro-architecture once bone has been lost – making early detection and prevention crucial.
To help your patients address osteoporosis before it becomes an issue, consider bone density scanning via the new Dexa Scanner technology now available at Rochester General Hospital and the Linden Oaks Medical Campus in Penfield. Coupled with expert scan analyses and therapy recommendations from the experienced team of RGHS osteoporosis specialists, this new technology enables state-of-the-art osteoporosis management, allowing your patients to enjoy and maintain more active, healthy lifestyles.
Dexa scanners utilize an innovative narrow-angle fan beam, designed to deliver the most complete and accurate bone assessments available today. A Dexa scan detects subtle bone changes in a variety of clinical conditions, and provides exclusive advanced hip analysis and lateral vertebral assessment. Dexa delivers rapid scans and near-radiographic imaging with dose efficiency three to five times better than existing wide-angle fan beam systems. As a result, the bone’s exact depth is determined accurately with minimal radiation exposure to the patient – ensuring precise, safe, reliable and consistent measurement of area, bone mineral content, and geometry such as hip axis length.
For contact and scheduling information, call 585-92-BONES (922-6637).