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Specialized Osteoporosis Care Now Available

Aggressive management of osteoporosis has never been a higher priority: it is now cited by the National Committee for Quality Assurance as a key quality measure in the treatment of older adults, particularly women over 67 who have had a fracture.

Fortunately, more osteoporosis patients can now enjoy and maintain active, healthy lifestyles thanks to new and advanced detection techniques and treatment options. To address this need, Rochester General Health System has formed the Center for Osteoporosis, led by specialists with years of experience in osteoporosis detection and treatment. This team can provide exceptional specialty care as a vital part of any comprehensive treatment plan.osteoporosis

Depending on the patient’s specific diagnosis, initial referrals to the Center for Osteoporosis may involve a consult with an RGHS specialist trained in osteoporosis management as well as endocrinology or rheumatology. A thorough review follows of the patient’s medical history, lab reports and other tests, including any previously conducted bone density scans. If no DEXA scan has been conducted, one will be ordered, along with additional tests as needed.

Next, a personalized treatment plan is devised, including medication options, lifestyle modifications and vitamin supplements. Staff pharmacists will counsel the patient on the efficacy and possible side effects of any prescribed medications.

The Center for Osteoporosis team provides exceptional specialized care to manage each patient’s case with optimal results. For more information, call 585.92.BONES (922.6637) or visit www.rochestergeneral.org/osteoporosis.