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Redesigned DOSA Unit Offers Enhanced Patient Experience

Enhancements to the new DOSA include state-of-the-art telemetry and blood-pressure equipment stationed in every room, greatly improved access to the OR for faster patient transportation to surgery, and improved lines of sight from the central nursing station to all areas in the unit. Amenities in each patient area have also been improved, including the addition of WiFi access and flat-panel TVs, to ensure patients and their families will be as comfortable as possible as they go through the necessary pre-op steps and wait for their procedures.

Additionally, all areas now have added privacy, for an even more enhanced patient experience. “When you’re facing a surgical procedure, even a short wait can seem like a very long time,” said Cheryl Sheridan, RGH Chief Nursing Officer. “By giving our patients a space of their own while they wait, we’re helping them preserve their dignity and their peace of mind.”

The renovation, which began in January, is part of a long-range plan that will ultimately transform the entire Rochester General surgical area for greatly improved patient flow. Earlier this year, RGH unveiled the new Rick Constantino, MD, Patient Access Center, a gateway for incoming patients that streamlines the admission process. For many patients, DOSA is the next step into the hospital after the Patient Access Center.