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Obstetrics Quality Through Standardization

RGHS is one of the first health systems in the United States to adopt an innovative international program, MOREOB, designed to enhance the quality of obstetrical care through a system-wide standardization of clinical processes.

A patient-safety continuous improvement program, MOREOB (“Managing Obstetrical Risk Efficiently”) helps Obstetrics teams develop and adopt new process-driven practices that can improve the effectiveness of already highly functional teams, and streamline communications throughout an Obstetrics unit.

Rochester General Hospital and Newark-Wayne Community Hospital jointly implemented the MOREOB program earlier this year. Adopting MOREOB simultaneously at both RGHS hospital affiliates reinforces a commitment to patient-safety innovation and the system-wide integration of clinical services.

The MOREOB program includes three progressive modules, each lasting one year. During that time, a core team of RGHS program leaders will help the full Obstetrics teams of both hospitals improve on their current care models through highly collaborative workshops, drills and self-conducted audits.

Since its initial 2002 pilot installation in 33 Canadian hospitals, the program has grown to include more than 230 healthcare organizations in the United States and Canada. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists contributed to the adaptation and development of MOREOB’s clinical content for health systems in the United States.

“In the short term, the MOREOB program will help drive consistency and standardization in our care processes to help our teams provide obstetrical care that’s not only consistent in its high quality, but consistent in the way that care is delivered to patients,” said Abraham Lichtmacher, MD, Chief of OB/GYN Services. “And in the long term, the program will create an environment of heightened patient safety, with improved outcomes and higher efficiency. It’s a true win/win for patients, team members, the health system and the community we all serve.”

RGHS was invited to join this exciting new effort thanks to the health system’s reputation for clinical innovation, as well as a recognized dedication to the constant improvement of patient safety.