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What is HUBNET?

Hospitals and University at Buffalo Library Resources Network (HUBNET) is a collaborative library project serving hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout Western New York.

The Werner Medical Library at Rochester General Hospital is now a member of this network. 

Through HUBNET you have internet access to our library resources – databases, electronic books, and electronic journals – all in one location from any location, except where restricted by license agreements.


Who may access HUBNET?

Those employed by, or affiliated with, Rochester General Health System (RGHS).


How do I access HUBNET from the RGHS Network?

Click on the Connect to Databases link on the Werner Medical Library page at http://intranet/depts/medicalLibrary/medlib.asp   No username or password is required. 


How do I access HUBNET from a Non-RGHS Network?

Access HUBNET from the internet at http://hubnet.buffalo.edu

You will be prompted for a username and password on the HUBNET homepage.


First time users:  Click on the “Need an Account” link in the bottom left-hand corner. 

Complete the required information.  You will receive an email confirming the creation of your HUBNET account.  Hint:  It is best to use your RGHS e-mail address.

Your account will be deactivated if affiliation cannot be verified.


Are there restrictions on how I use HUBNET?

HUBNET should be used for research, education/training, clinical or academic purposes only.  Any use of HUBNET for commercial purposes is prohibited.


Contact the Werner Medical Library at 585-922-4743, or email the library at wellness@rochestergeneral.org for more information.