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2013-14 Tuition and Fees


Pre-enrollment fees


 Application (nonrefundable)


 TEAS Exam (nonrefundable)


Sub Total 


SEMESTER I - 600 Clock Hours  



 Lab Fee 




 ATI Assessment Fee


Uniforms and Shoes - estimated


Copy/Print Fee $75
Sub Total  $7,400
SEMESTER II - 600 Clock Hours  



Copy/Print Fee


Application for Licensure


Application for NCLEX-PN


* mandatory Graduation Fee


* Graduation Uniform $125
* ATI Live Review $350

Sub Total 


Estimated Total Tuition and Fees


*Cannot be paid with financial aid.

Tuition Payment Plan

A student may be eligible to enter into a Payment Plan agreement with IGHSPN if his/her tuition and fees are not fully covered by financial aid or other funding sources. Our Payment Plan is designed to assist those students and their families who may find it difficult to pay the total tuition bill before the semester begins and would like to reduce the amount you need to borrow.

Tuition Refund Procedure 

Students who withdraw from the Practical Nursing program before completion may be entitled to a full or partial refund of their institutional costs. 

Any student eligible for a refund who receives Title IV federal financial aid (Pell Grant, Stafford Loan, FPLUS) must have her/his aid recalculated and a portion repaid to the federal government. These procedures conform with current federal law. View federal worksheet here.
Students who DO NOT receive Title IV federal financial aid are subject to the IGHSPN Refund.

Please note:
Due to restrictions from the school's suppliers, credit for returned textbooks is not available.