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Grading Policy & Evaluations



A final grade of 80% or above is required in all nursing courses that have clinical and theory components:

  • Practical Nursing I
  • Practical Nursing II
  • Practical Nursing III

A grade of 75% or above is a passing grade in non-clinical courses:

  • Human Growth and Health Promotion
  • Anatomy and Physiology


Clinical performance is graded as Satisfactory (S), Inconsistent (I), or Unsatisfactory (U).  (S+) is used for consistently self-directed performance, and when a student consistently exceeds learning objectives.  (S-) is used when a student minimally meets learning objectives.


Students are evaluated at regular intervals throughout the program. Formal evaluations and informal conferences are conducted throughout the academic year with each student. Students receiving a failing academic average or an Unsatisfactory in clinical will be placed on probation. Students must raise their academic average to a passing level and/or clinical performance to satisfactory within a specified time frame determined by the faculty to remain in the program. Students failing one course in any semester fail the entire semester. Students that have failed academically or clinically may reapply to the program following the established readmission procedure.


Rochester General Hospital is the primary location for clinical experiences. Students rotate to a variety of units including medical, surgical, and mental health units. Observation experiences are scheduled in areas such as the operating room, post anesthesia care, pediatric clinics, ambulatory care centers and maternity.

Students participate in clinical affiliations at Hill Haven Nursing Home, Independent Living for Seniors, Rochester Psychiatric Center, and the Monroe County Community Hospital. An independent study unit is required at a community health agency.