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Chilling Tales From the Freezer

Foods shouldn't stay frozen indefinitely. In fact, some foods -- like bacon -- shouldn't be kept in the freezer for much more than a month.

It's Time to Veg Out

Vegetables are good sources of fiber, and they're chock full of vitamins and minerals.

Room for Mushrooms

Are you a "fungophobe"? That's what mushroom lovers call people who are afraid to eat mushrooms. True, some wild ones are deadly -- but that's no reason to fear the rich variety of fresh and dried mushrooms popping up in supermarkets.

Too Much Juice?

Fruit juice contains a lot of natural sugar, so drinking too much can cause obesity, stunted growth, digestive problems and tooth decay.

Vegetarian Kids

Most nutrition experts and dietitians say that children of any age -- even infants -- can safely follow a vegetarian diet, according to the Nemours Foundation. But some planning is involved to ensure that children receive the proper nutrients, especially if their diet does not include eggs and dairy products.

What Kids Drink Is Important

The best beverages for your child are milk and water. Soft drinks add a lot of sugar and calories to a child’s diet.

Chicken Soup: Good for the Body and the Soul

Feeling a cold coming on? Serve up chicken soup, with some noodles. Feeling well? Try a robust soup, with lots of colorful vegetables, chunks of chicken and big noodles.

Smile! Are You Eating Healthy?

If you're not eating right, you may be at risk for problems with your teeth and mouth. Bad eating habits can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Vitamin Supplement Advice

If you eat a varied diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, you're likely to get all the vitamins and minerals that you need.

Preventing the Midafternoon Slump

Many people experience late-in-the-day energy lags, but you can take steps to prevent them.

Kids in the Kitchen: Let Them in on the Fun

Here are recipes that fit the bill for teaching some baking basics and setting some good nutrition patterns early. All you'll need are some simple tools and tolerance for a few spills. These recipes are safe for a child to make (with adult help) and are practically foolproof.

A Guide to Cooking With Herbs

If you're just getting started with herbs, go at it gradually. Experiment with one or two herbs at a time. For freshness, purchase herbs that have been newly dried, and buy in small amounts.

Say Cheese the Low-Fat Way

As a word, "cheese" always brings a smile for photographers. As a food, it brings lots of flavor to breakfast omelets, luncheon sandwiches or dinner entrees. It's got plenty of bodybuilding protein and bone-building calcium, as well.

Smoothie: A Milkshake Without Fat

The Benefits of Beans

From a health standpoint, beans are every bit as magical as the beans Jack of "Jack and the Beanstalk" fame exchanged for a cow -- and much less expensive.

Iron: An Important Mineral in Your Diet

Iron is a metal that is essential for life. It is a part of proteins and enzymes found throughout your body.

Do-It-Yourself Pizza

Kids' Healthy Eating Not Just About Food

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases offers suggestions to help your child develop and maintain good eating habits and to prevent chaotic mealtimes in your home.

A Look at Senior Nutrition

Although older adults still need plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fiber, they need to add or subtract a few things from the diet they followed earlier in life.

Up for Breakfast? Try this Low-Fat Combo

Turn High-Fat Recipes Into Low-Fat Dishes

It's difficult to be satisfied with grilled squash if you've grown up eating fried chicken. Fortunately, there are ways to eat a healthy diet and still enjoy your favorite foods, nutrition experts say. The secret? Prepare the foods differently.

Why Calcium Is a Children's Health Priority

Calcium is one of the most important minerals in the body, and childhood is the critical period in life when calcium stores are laid down.

Picking Snacks for Picky Eaters

Nutrition experts agree that a wide assortment of nutritionally balanced snacks served in moderation can be a healthy, essential part of a child's diet.

Keep Moving to Manage Your Weight

You can lose weight by dieting, exercising, or a combination of both. Including exercise into your daily routine offers other benefits besides weight control.

Let's Do Lunch

Does your lunch just happen? Is it often a last-minute decision of where to eat and whether or not you want fries with your burger? If so, maybe it's time to show lunch a little more respect.

How to Make Tastier Veggies

Adding more fruit to our diet is easy for most of us. It's the vegetables that hang up many people.

Tips for a Low-Fat Restaurant Breakfast

Do you want to cut fat out of your diet, but not give up breakfast at your favorite restaurant? Try healthy alternatives such as Canadian bacon on your egg sandwich instead of cheese and sausage, or a bran muffin instead of hash browns.

Is Pink Turkey Meat Safe?

The color pink in cooked turkey meat raises a "red flag" to many diners and cooks. Conditioned to be wary of pink in fresh pork, they question the safety of cooked poultry and other meats that have a rosy blush.

Refreshing Summer Meals

When the mercury is high, we all crave meals that are cool and refreshing.

Eat Alone? Make Your Meals Nutritious

Dinner parties, cooking for a crowd, fixing the family meal -- those are easy compared with the challenges of cooking for one. If you live alone, chances are you don't give your meals a lot of thought or preparation.

Five Fun Fruits You Should Try

Fruit is one of nature's perfect foods. It's packed with vitamins, minerals and fiber, without fat. Even though they are filling, most are naturally low in calories.

Food Preservation: The Case for Irradiation

Irradiation is slowly gaining consumer acceptance as a way to make foods safer. Foods are bathed with low levels of radiation, which kills such deadly bacteria as E. coli, campylobacter and salmonella.

Giving Your Baby the Best Nutrition

How do you know your infant or toddler is getting what he needs in the food department?

Persuading Kids to Eat Nutritious Meals

It's not always easy to get your children to eat enough fruits and vegetables.

Low-Fat BBQ: Cooking as Delicious as It Looks

Barbecuing uses healthy cooking techniques for a low-fat, healthy lifestyle -- especially when compared with frying.

Vitamin D: Are You Getting Enough?

Vitamin D is essential to help build strong bones and teeth. But you may not be getting enough in your diet or you don't get out in the sun much.

In the Kitchen: Prevent the Spread of Infection

The kitchen is the "dirtiest" room in the house, according to a recent study, because people are less likely to use strong cleaners and disinfectants in that room.

Safe Food-Handling Tips

You can avoid foodborne illness by following these ideas for safe food handling and cooking.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Diet

Eating healthy can reduce your risk of illness and lengthen your life. Eating a balanced, low-fat, low-cholesterol diet reduces your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, stroke and other diseases. Follow these tips to help improve your diet.

Label Lesson: Flavored Rice Mixes

A Healthier Pasta Carbonara

Nutrition's Role in Disease Prevention

Evidence is mounting that a healthful diet can help protect you from some diseases. What you eat -- or don't eat -- may help prevent heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes.

Tips for Healthy Marinades

Give Your Diet a Nutritional Tune-up

Between spending long days at work and evenings and weekends attending to personal and family concerns, few Americans have time to eat right. But you don't have to remodel your diet to improve its healthfulness.

Cooking Temperatures and Safe Food Handling

A Healthier Hero

Whether they're called subs, hoagies, heroes or grinders, long sandwiches stuffed with a variety of ingredients are a favorite lunch choice.

Cool Facts About Cold Cuts

Stocking Your Kitchen With Healthy Foods

One way to ensure that you are able to prepare healthful meals is to buy healthful foods. If you have healthful snacks on hand, when the munchies strike, you can reach for fruits and vegetables instead of chips.

The Healing Power of Tomatoes

A Fowl Choice: Make It Turkey

In your grocer's case, you'll find whole turkeys and parts — fresh, frozen, and smoked. You'll also see ground turkey, turkey cutlets, turkey hot dogs, turkey sausage, and turkey burgers.

School Lunches: Going Beyond Peanut Butter

Some kids don't want to try new things in their lunch. But a variety of foods gives children a variety of nutrients and expands their palates.

Adding Up the Benefits of Calcium

Comparing Granola Bars

Buying Guide: Frozen Juice and Punch

Making the Transition to a Vegetarian Diet

People decide to eat a vegetarian diet for a variety of reasons. But how they make the change requires they take one of two routes -- the overnight approach or the gradual one.

Beware of Supplements for Kids

Firms are advertising herbs and supplements as remedies for everything from colds and asthma to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, but dietary supplements and herbal mixtures aimed at children may be a waste of money -- and a threat to their health.

Healthful Hot Dogs

Choosing and Using Leafy Green Veggies

There's a world of greens available that offers you more nutrients than iceberg lettuce. In fact, more than 300 kinds of greens are available in the United States in a variety of flavors.

Eating the Right Foods for All-Day Energy

If your blood glucose drops too low -- which can happen if you go too long without eating -- you're going to feel lightheaded and lethargic.

Warming Up to the Microwaves

Microwaves are superb for seafood and vegetables. You can cook shellfish in less than five minutes, using the bowl you'll put on the table. Vegetables keep their color, crispness and water-soluble nutrients because you can microwave them using just the water that remains after rinsing.

Tips for Tuning Up Your Nutrition

Eating healthier food to improve your health or reduce your waistline isn't as difficult as you may think.

The Benefits of Adding Soy to Your Diet

The Seven Best Foods We Never Eat

Stuck in a food rut? You don't have to go far to find some overlooked food choices that are easy to prepare, pack a nutritional wallop and avoid unhealthy fats.

Building a Healthier Sandwich

If you're tired of turkey, bored by bologna and had it with ham, think about giving some va-va-va-voom to what you put in your child's brown bag.

Exploring New Food Frontiers

Here are some new foods to try. All of them are highly nutritious and have been used in other cultures for hundreds of years.

Don't Miss Out on These 5 Nutrients

You've heard of vitamin C and calcium. But have you gotten the word on all the other nutrients you need for a healthy diet?

Think About Your Beverage

Feeling parched is usually the first reason we reach for a glass. Women need at least three quarts of water a day and men need about four quarts a day to replenish water used for vital functions.

The Facts on Fat: What a Healthful Diet Should Include

News reports on the role fat should play in your diet can be confusing. Some new studies suggest the type of fat you consume is more important to your health than the amount of fat eaten. Other recent reports contradict these findings.

What's Good (and Bad) About Our Favorite Foods

Here are some foods whose virtues you may be overestimating and foods you can substitute for increased nutrition.

How to Cook Faster, Healthier Meals

Cooking a healthier, low-fat meal doesn't take any longer than cooking one that's high in fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Smart Choices: Eating Healthy at Any Age

At every stage of life, healthful eating fuels health and fitness.

Going Bananas

For optimum eating, choose a plump, evenly colored yellow banana flecked with tiny brown specks. The specks indicate ripeness, but blemishes indicate bruising.

Functional Foods—Hype or Health Benefit?

Many Americans are betting that "functional" foods—also called herbs, supplements, nutraceuticals or phytochemicals—can make them healthier. Whether they get what they pay for -- or more than they bargained for -- is an issue that concerns some experts.

Balancing Food Flavors, Textures

Combining opposing flavors and textures can add interest without adding much fat. And joining sweet to sour can help reduce the amount of salt you put on food.

Vegetarian Diets: The Myths vs. Facts

Roughly 20 million Americans are vegetarians, from partial vegetarians who limit the amount of animal flesh they eat, to vegans, who eat only plant foods -- no meat, poultry, fish, dairy products or eggs.

Make Room for Versatile Rice

Rice contributes protein, some essential B vitamins, and, depending on the type of rice, fiber, vitamin E and important nutrients such as folate.

A Food Lover's Guide

Here's your guide to the best foods to nourish you, as well as those foods best left for that occasional need to indulge in guilty pleasures.

Breastfeeding Helps Mothers and Children

Savoring the Ease of a Casserole Meal

Casseroles are all about efficiency. Making a meal in one pot means you do everything at the same time.

The Road to Table Food

At the beginning of your baby’s life, milk was the only thing she needed to grow. Now she’s grown by leaps and bounds and even has teeth! You may be wondering how to introduce her to solid foods. Here’s a guide to how and when to introduce her to new foods.

A Rational Diet for Bodybuilders

Many of today's generation of musclemen are told by nutritionists and bodybuilding experts that well-balanced meals will offer enough protein for all but the most intense exercisers.

The Perfectly Healthy Pumpkin

Pumpkins are packed with vitamins and fiber, and they are low in calories.

Visions of Light Desserts Dance in Our Heads

Nuts to You!

Nuts offer valuable fiber, protein, and nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and vitamin E.

Your Guide to Food Additives

Getting Down to Lunch Basics

Eating Without Heating

With a little imagination, some basic provisions and a refrigerator, you can prepare a satisfying dinner for four that will make you the star of the patio on a hot summer night.

Healthy Diets Overview

Eating healthy is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and is something that should be taught to children at a young age.

Nutrition Needs in Older Adults

As we grow older and our bodies and lifestyles change, our nutritional needs change, as well.

Enlist These Foods to Help Prevent Cancer

Plant foods, which contain antioxidants, may help reduce your risk for many cancers. Try to eat two to three servings of fruit, three to five servings of vegetables and at least six servings of whole grains every day. Be sure to make room on your plate for the following nutrition-packed foods.

Memory Boosters

Most experts agree that there is no solid proof that memory-enhancing supplements work. These products may not even contain much of their "active herbal ingredients."

How Do You Fuel Your Workout?

Energy bars, fitness drinks, protein powders, sports supplements -- are these the best ways to power your workout?

Are You Getting Enough Fruits and Vegetables Daily?

What if you could do one simple thing to significantly improve your health? Eating at least five servings a day of fruits and vegetables can do just that by reducing your risk for cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Managing Hypertension with the DASH Diet

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that following the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet reduced blood pressure. This diet is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and total fat and emphasizes fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

Understanding Trans Fat

Research indicates that trans fat raises LDL cholesterol. You can find out how much trans fat a food contains by checking the label.

Potato's Potential Lies Far Beyond French Fries

Bake it, boil it, steam it, fry it. There's no question that America's favorite vegetable is the potato. Each of us ate an average of nearly 140 pounds of potatoes.

Don't Forget the Fiber in Your Low-Carb Diet

Tap the Power of Water

When you don't drink enough water, your body can't work at its best. As dehydration sets in, you'll feel lethargic and you may have trouble thinking clearly.

Diet Traps That Keep You From Losing

With all the diets out there to choose from these days, it's hard to know which ones are legitimate and which are diet fads.

Putting Healthy Fats on Your Plate

Certain types of fats can actually help your heart, so you don't need to avoid fat altogether. Instead, watch how much and what type you eat.

The Nutritious Apple

Apples are a convenient, wash-and-go fruit to eat. They are low in calories, nutritious, filling and they taste great. There's an apple variety for almost every taste.

What's in the Food You Eat?

Most food additives are safe and beneficial, experts say. What's more, they're everywhere.

Vegetarian Teens Need Diet Advice

If your teen wants vegetarian options, you may worry that dropping meat, poultry and fish will be unhealthy.

Make Healthy Eating a Habit

The earlier you teach children such sound habits, the more likely they are to maintain a healthy weight.

Coping with Food Cravings

Some people experience food cravings only now and then, while others have them daily or weekly.

For Older Adults: When You're Cooking for One

You can avoid nutritional problems by selecting the right foods, making mealtimes more enjoyable and adjusting your cooking habits.

How Sweet Is It?

Cutting back on sugar is a smart move for many people. Luckily, there are other ways to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Three Cheers for Breakfast!

Breakfast gives you energy, keeps your mind sharp and may help you to lose weight.

Could a Nutrition Expert Help You?

If you need to change your eating habits for the sake of your health, have you considered talking with a registered dietitian (RD)?

Put Up a Food Fight Against Disease

Here's food for thought on dietary changes that can help you prevent several serious conditions.

Reducing the Sodium in Your Diet

Table salt sprinkled on food accounts for about 15 percent of most people's daily sodium intake. An additional 10 percent occurs naturally in foods. The remainder -- 75 percent -- comes from processed and restaurant food.

6 Vital Nutrients Women May Be Missing

Here are nutrients that women are often deficient in, either because they lose too much of a nutrient, don't get enough of a nutrient, or both.

The Healthy-Bones Diet

The right amount of calcium in your diet helps maintain your bone strength, reducing your risk for osteoporosis.

Focusing on Folate

If you're a woman of childbearing age, one of the B vitamins -- folate -- is especially critical.

Making Sense of Nutrition Labels

One of the easiest tools to help you watch your weight is the nutrition label on packaged foods.

Taking Time for Tea

In recent years, scientists have conducted tests on tea to better understand what its health benefits may be.

The Egg Bounces Back

Eggs are a great protein source. If you're on a diet, protein helps satisfy your hunger.

Give Eating Right a Green Light

Trust that when kids are hungry enough, they'll eat the healthy options you serve.

Changing Your Recipes for Better Health

You can make recipes more nutritious by cutting back on or swapping ingredients. The way you cook matters, too.

How to Raise Healthy Eaters

Here are suggestions to help you help your children attain and maintain a healthy weight.

Choosing a Safe Weight-Loss Program

The not-so-secret secret to weight loss is to burn more calories than you eat. This can be done safely and effectively by eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

How to Avoid Diet Mistakes

If you have failed at losing weight, it could be you have fallen prey to several easy-to-make diet mistakes.

How Diets Work

If you’ve tried everything, yet weight loss continues to elude you, don’t give up. There are ways to up the odds and increase your chance of success.

Salad Days: It’s Easy Eating Green

At home or when dining out, here are suggestions on how to add the goodness of greens to your diet.

Food Freshness: What Those Dates Really Mean

Here a rundown on the dates you find on food labels and what those dates mean, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Take-Out Foods, Restaurant Meals Tied to Obesity Trend

Obesity has become a public health crisis in the United States, in part, because Americans are consuming more calories than they did 30 years ago. A large part of that increase in consumption can be pinned on a greater use of foods prepared away from home -- those ready-to-eat items available at restaurants, grocery store food counters and fast-food eateries.

Make a Sensation with Sauce

A sauce can be many things. A sauce can be hot or cold -- think gravy or salad dressing -- chunky or creamy, sweet or savory.

Someone's in the Kitchen with Grandma

Now is the time to share your tried-and-true recipes and kitchen sense with those who will appreciate them the most: your grandchildren.

Take a Hard Line Against Soft Drinks

Kids who drink soda tend to eat fewer fruits and vegetables, and get less calcium, protein and vitamins A and D, because they are drinking less milk. They also take in more calories.

On the Barbecue, Charred Is Barred

Researchers have found that cooking muscle meats -- beef, pork, poultry and fish -- at high temperatures may pose a risk for cancer.

A Healthy Kitchen Makeover

From the food you stock in the freezer to the silverware you put on the table, your kitchen is your partner in health. When you fill your kitchen with the right tools and foods, you reap the benefits.

Serve a Super Summer Salad

Today's salads offer a variety of greens, often with fruits, nuts, cheese, seeds, roasted or grilled vegetables, and beef, chicken or fish.

Choose My Plate Now Tailored to You

Many of us used the old Food Pyramid for years to help make sure we were following a balanced diet. Its replacement, Choose My Plate, was introduced in 2011.

Why It May Be Time to Throw Away Your Scale

Your scale may not hold the whole story on your weight. Here are other factors to consider.

Maintain a Healthy Weight for a Lifetime

Which is more important to you -- being able to wear the jeans you wore five years ago, or being able to move better, have more energy and improve your health?

Keeping Blood Sugar in Check

The official term for blood sugar is glucose, and having either too little or too much of it occupies the minds of people with diabetes daily -- even hourly. But keeping blood sugar at safe levels can be achieved by most patients through monitoring, diet, exercise and drug therapy.

Diagnosing and Evaluating Heart Disease in Children

Detailed information on diagnosing and evaluating heart disease in children

Managing Food Cravings

Although there’s nothing wrong with wanting a particular food, giving in to cravings can make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight.

Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Low-calorie, high-fiber foods such as fruits and vegetables fill you up but don't add that much to your daily calorie total.

The Truth About Triglycerides

Triglycerides are the most common type of fat in your body. Most of your body's fat is stored as triglycerides.

Understanding Menu Terms

One of the challenges of healthy eating is knowing how to spot lower-calorie, lower-fat dishes on a menu. Here's a guide to help you make informed choices.

Understanding the Latest Diet, Nutrition News

Does a low-fat diet protect against heart disease? Will taking calcium supplements help reduce the risk for osteoporosis?

Choose My Plate Shapes a Healthier Senior Diet

It is important to control the portion size of even nutrient-rich foods to avoid consuming too many calories. Most people need fewer calories as they grow older and their activity level decreases.

What About Energy Drinks for Kids?

As some schools ban colas from vending machines, ads are hyping a source of even more caffeine: energy drinks.

Go for the Whole Grains

Compared with refined grains, they have more fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants. Whole grains are also a healthy way to control weight because they are digested slowly, so you feel full longer with fewer calories.

Snacking Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Weight

Many nutrition experts say that having a healthy snack midmorning or midafternoon can help you maintain your energy and prevent you from eating too much at lunch or dinner.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Coronary Heart Disease

Omega-3s are a beneficial and essential form of fat, one that your body needs but can't make.

Type 2 Diabetes and Food Choices

Understanding how food affects blood glucose is the first step in managing diabetes. And following a diabetes meal plan can help keep you on track.

Fight Asthma with the Right Nutrition

Some experts believe that you may reduce your asthma symptoms by eating certain foods.

How to Make Heart-Healthy Food Choices

Maintaining a healthy diet is one of the best weapons for fighting cardiovascular disease and other heart conditions.

Sweetness and Light

Sugar fuels the body and every cell in it. The more you eat it, the more you want.

Eating on the Run

Most people find it easier to stick to a healthy diet when they’re at home and can plan their meals. But eating in restaurants, in your car, or at your desk is often a reality of modern life.

Counting Liquid Calories

When counting calories, don’t forget the ones you drink. For many people, these so-called liquid calories can make or break an effort to lose pounds successfully.

Five Minerals We All Need

Chances are you know you need minerals such as calcium and iron. But five lesser-known minerals also deserve your attention.

As You Age, Be Aware of B12 Deficiency

Getting too little vitamin B12 may leave you feeling fuzzy in your thinking and lead to numbness or tingling in your hands and feet.

The Supermarket as Classroom

Walking the aisles, you can talk about making wholesome food choices, show how ads drive purchases, and expose your child to new fruits and vegetables.

The Best and Worst Foods for Your Teeth

If you are what you eat, that's particularly true for your teeth and gums. When you drink and munch starchy foods, you're not only feeding yourself, you're feeding the plaque that can cause havoc in your mouth.

Ignore These Diet ‘Rules’

If you’re eating according to outdated or untrue dietary commandments, all your efforts to lose weight could be in vain.

Shake the Salt Habit

Americans consume two to three times more salt or sodium than is healthy.

Babies and Toddlers Need Iron to Thrive

Is your new baby getting enough iron? It’s important to know. The mineral provides fuel for growth spurts, brain development and more. Find out the exact amount your new baby needs and good food sources of iron.

Healthy Dining Course

There are strategies you can use to reduce the calories and fat in restaurant food without sacrificing the flavor and fun of a meal out.

Cutting Calories and Fat When Eating Out

To better control your calorie intake you need to know how much you eat. But if you're like most Americans, proper serving sizes are a mystery, thanks to mega-burgers, biggie fries and saucer-sized bagels.

The World's Best Anti-Cancer Diet

In your quest to reduce your cancer risk, don't overlook the obvious: Improving your diet can play a substantial role in preventing the disease.

How to Junk a Junk-Food Diet

Whether you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight or improve your health, junk food can sabotage a worthy effort.

COPD: Good Nutrition Is Important

Eat several small meals throughout the day rather than three big meals. Big meals fill up your stomach, which can press on your lungs and make breathing harder.

The Skinny on Fat-Free Foods

When food producers cut the fat out of foods, they often replace it with extra sugar or other carbohydrates, which add calories.

Good Sources of Antioxidants

The most important antioxidants are vitamin C, vitamin E, and carotenoids, including beta carotene.

Kids Need Their Nutrients

Learning a bit more about vitamins and minerals can help ensure your kids are on the right nutritional track.

Helping Picky Eaters Expand Their Palates

Although a lot of young children are finicky about food, they need help when they won’t eat the amount or variety required to keep up their nutritional status.

To Eat Less, Pay Attention

Being exhausted or stressed causes us to overeat. Inattentiveness is also to blame. Who counts the french fries eaten while driving or the doughnut downed at the computer?

Beans: Nutritious and Delicious

All beans are similar in nutritional makeup, so pick the size and color you like. You can use a variety of beans to mix colors and textures.

A Look at Probiotics and Health

Your gut is home to trillions of microorganisms. Although few cause illnesses, probiotics may keep the harmful bacteria in check so that you avoid or shorten a bout of stomach upset.

Diet Drinks, Small Snacks Have Drawbacks

Although sugar-free soft drinks don’t add calories, they don’t provide nutrients either. And one study found that students who had been primed to think about their diets actually ate more when given small bags of potato chips than students who were given large bags.

A Thanksgiving Menu Tune-Up

Today’s goal is not to re-create a Norman Rockwell painting, but to produce a festive meal you will be happy to serve on Thanksgiving Day. The biggest change: If you don’t need to present the whole turkey for carving at the table, cook a turkey breast instead.

How Safe is Nonstick Cookware?

No research has shown that your blood level of PFOA will go up from using Teflon-coated cookware, but here are some things you should know before you decide to use it.

Living Well to Reach Age 100

Healthy lifestyle choices can help you enjoy a better quality of life for an increasing number of years. The best news is that it’s never too late to get started.

Prevention of Heart Disease Starts in Childhood

You may think of heart disease as a problem for adults, not your young children. But diet and exercise habits started in childhood can begin a lifetime of heart health, or a lifetime of heart damage.

The Importance of Eating Together as a Family

Eating together as a family has many benefits not only for you, but also for your children. This lifestyle habit may actually help to fend off childhood obesity.

Emotional Eating: How to Cope

Emotional eating affects most everyone from time to time, but regularly letting your feelings guide your food intake can affect your health.

Individual Fruit Cup Dessert

Your children can help you make this easy dessert that's colorful and good for them to eat. Have all of your supplies and ingredients ready before you begin.

Why the Family Meal Is Important

When a family sits down together, it helps them handle the stresses of daily life and the hassles of day-to-day existence.

All Fats Are Not Created Equal

You need to consume some fat to maintain good nutrition, but many Americans eat more fat than they need.

Your Guide to Organic Foods

Fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy products, and meat can all be certified as organic if they meet FDA requirements for growth, handling, and processing.

Do You Need a Daily Vitamin Supplement?

Daily vitamin and mineral supplements are an option for people who don’t get enough essential nutrients through the foods they eat.

Your Guide to Condiments

Condiments can be the perfect topping to your favorite sandwich, salad, or taco. But you can undermine a nutritious diet by adding too many dollops of ketchup, mustard, or other favorite seasoning.

Helping Your Kids Get the Fiber They Need

Getting our daily dose of fiber is something we as adults think about as we get older. But fiber is as important for children, too. Often, children don't get enough.