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Find Doctors, Directions & Health Information at RGH

Rochester General Hospital offers great health care resources and information for our patients and visitors.

doctor with mom and babyDoctors

Did you know...

...That many of our physicians of the Rochester General Medical Group are accepting new patients?

To find a primary care physician, pediatrician or specialty doctor use our Find a Doctor online search or call us at (585) 922-6000 or toll-free 1-800-922-3435 and one of our call center representatives will be happy to assist you.

Rochester General Hospital walking maps




Did you know...

...That we've created several internal walking maps to the most commonly accessed services and ammenities at Rochester General Hospital to make it easier for our patients and visitors to find their way?

We also offer maps and driving directions to Rochester General Hospital and all of our affiliate locations.

Health Information

nurseDid you know...

...That if you're looking for information on a specific medical condition or health concern, you can Ask a Medical Librarian Online to help research your topic and provide you with health care information. This is a FREE service that we provide to the residents of the seven-county Rochester NY region.

We also offer Ask a Nurse online, which allows our patients and visitors to submit their health care questions and concerns.



Social Media Sites

Did you know...

...That you don't have to visit our Web site to connect with us, we're on social media sites. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest news and events.

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