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Twig Birthing Center

For a Birthing Experience You'll Cherish

mom kissing baby in birthing center

Nothing in life is more special than having a baby.  At Rochester General Hospital's Twig Birthing Center, we partner with you to give you all you could want from the birthing experience.     

From our experienced birthing staff to our leading-edge technology to the personalized options we provide, everything puts you and your baby first. 

The birth of a baby is one of life’s most beautiful moments.  When that special day comes, you want everything to be perfect, and at the Twig Birthing Center, so do we.

Rochester General’s Twig Birthing Center features:

  • 16 spacious, home-like Birthing Suites

  • 4-bed triage area

  • Highly skilled, highly caring physicians, nurse midwives, and nurses to partner with you throughout your delivery

  • State-of-the-art obstetrical services, and a Level II special care nursery with Neonatologists and Pediatricians available 24 hours a day

  • Lots of little extras, like free phone service, a special dinner, a variety of well baby educational programs, and breastfeeding assistance is available 24 hours a day

What could be more comforting than having the freedom to choose the delivery option that makes you most comfortable?  Secure in the knowledge that whichever you choose the latest in technology will be there when you need it.

  • Birthing Suites – 16 spacious, home-like birthing suites for the most comfortable birthing experience possible for the whole family.

  • Birthing suites are spacious, comfortable rooms where labor, delivery, and recovery occur in one place.  Sometimes these rooms are called “LDRP suites” (short for labor, delivery, recovery, and postpartum – the four phases of childbirth).  You will deliver your baby in this suite, then remain there with your new baby until you go home.

  • Our birthing suites are much larger than traditional hospital rooms and feature a private bathroom and shower, a rocking chair, television, telephone, radio, and other amenities.

  • Medical supplies are located out of sight, but within easy reach.  These private, spacious suites provide enough room for family members to share in the birth of your baby, and to be with you as much as you like throughout your stay.

  • Rochester General’s department of Obstetrics and Gynecology practices mother-baby nursing.  This means that our nurses are trained in caring for mothers and for their newborn infants.  The nurse who cares for you will also care for your baby.  We encourage you to ask questions about your care and the care of your baby. 

  • Rochester General Hospital is designated “Baby Friendly.”  We adhere to and promote the World health Organization’s initiative to support a mother’s choice to breastfeed.  In fact, we have internationally certified nurse lactation consultants on staff ready to assist new moms in all aspects of breast feeding.   In addition, all nurses caring for you are skilled in assisting breastfeeding families. 

  • Labor/delivery area – for higher risk deliveries.  If you require a cesarean delivery, you will not be able to deliver in a birthing suite.  Instead, you will be brought to a traditional delivery room to have your baby.

  • Your support person is welcome to be with you throughout your labor and delivery, unless medical circumstances prevent it.  After your baby is born, you and your baby will be taken to a private room on our Women’s Care Unit, where you will recover until you go home. 

For more information regarding the TWIG Birthing Center, call (585) 922-LINK (5465).

Other Birthing Options

  • All rooms in the TWIG Birthing Center have fully reclining chairs where your support person can spend the night, if you wish.  If you’re a patient on the Women’s Care Unit, a chair can be obtained if you wish for your support person to spend the night

  • A whirlpool tub is available for your comfort while you are in labor

  • 24-hour anesthesia coverage with the latest pain relief options

  • A Level II Special Care Nursery allows mothers to deliver with confidence

  • Women often want family members present during their delivery; some want to have photographs taken; others request special music.  Please discuss any special wishes with your physician or midwife before admission

  • In addition, our staff of professional nurses will care for you around the clock.  They are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day – even after you go home

  • Staff from our social work department are available to help coordinate home care, if necessary, and can put you in touch with community agencies which provide support services to patients

Preparing for Admission to Rochester General Hospital

  • Your provider will arrange your admission to the hospital, and will provide you with pre-admission forms.  Please complete and return these forms promptly so we can prepare for your stay. 

  • Looking for a physician?  Interested in a male or female doctor?  Need someone close to work or home?  We can help you identify a physician from our staff that will match your needs.  Just call (585) 922-LINK (5465) for help.

  • As your due date approaches, you will want to pack a bag to bring when you come into the hospital to deliver your baby.  Plan to bring any personal items that will help make your stay more pleasant, such as your own shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, nursing bra (if you plan to breastfeed), bathrobe, slippers, pajamas, and clothes to wear home.

  • Remember to bring clothes for your baby as well.  Depending on the season, you may want to bring a receiving blanket or outdoor wear, including a hat.

  • Please do not bring large amounts of money or valuables.  You may want some cash to pay for newspapers or other small items.  These are not part of your hospital bill and need to be paid for at the time they are purchased. 

  • Your provider will instruct you about what to do when your labor begins.  When you come to the hospital to deliver your baby, drive to the Patient Discharge Entrance on the south side of the hospital.  Parking is provided for these patients in designated spots near the door.  During the day hours there are security and volunteer staff to assist expectant mothers in this area.  After hours when the building is secured, please proceed to the entrance where signage will lead you to an intercom button.  This intercom is connected directly to the Labor and Delivery desk.  The staff member through the use of a video camera will identify the mother to be and open the door.  At the same time, someone from Labor and Delivery will start downstairs to meet the patient and their support person to escort them to the unit.  There is also a security phone posted at the entrance as well.

Visitation Policy

Our goal is to provide excellent, compassionate care. Our visiting policy has been designed to allow friends and family members to be together without interfering with patient care. Friends and family are warmly welcomed. At any time staff may restrict the visiting policy depending on patient’s condition or community restrictions.

The guidelines that have been established are as follows. Please take the time to become familiar with this policy.

All visitors will be asked to provide identification at the reception desk upon signing in, and will receive ID bands/visitor tags accordingly.

  • While in triage being evaluated, one support person may be present.

  • Once admitted for labor, patient may have four visitors present at one time.

  • Visiting hours of laboring patients are 24 hours.

  • Visiting hours for postpartum, antepartum, and GYN patients are 10:00am to 8:00pm.

  • Siblings and children are allowed to visit during visiting hours unless community restrictions are in place. Children are not permitted to spend the night in the hospital. If the patient and family have made the decision to have a child present for labor and /or delivery, there must be another adult other than the primary support person present at all times.

  • The primary support person will be allowed to spend the night and will be provided with a sleeper chair.

  • Family members that are waiting for babies to be born will be directed to the waiting room. Families will not be allowed to congregate outside labor rooms waiting for deliveries for safety and patient confidentiality.

  • When a cesarean section is necessary and patient’s condition allows, one support person may accompany patient in the operating and recovery room. Support person will be asked to change into hospital scrubs prior to entering operating room. Support person must change and return scrubs after recovery.

The staff welcomes questions and concerns about the visitor policy. In order to achieve our goal of excellent care, please note that disruptive behavior and/or violence cannot be tolerated. In the event that this occurs, security will be asked to intervene, resulting in removal of individuals from the hospital premises for the rest of hospital stay.

Thank you for helping us maintain a peaceful and healing environment for patients, visitors and staff.

Twig Birthing Center Administration

Eugene Toy, MD
Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology
(585) 922-4496



Cynthia R. Howard MD, MPH
Director of Mother-Baby Unit
(585) 922-5658



Dr. Mullin
Suzanne Mullin, MD

Associate medical director of RGPA and NBN 
(589) 922-2575