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Our Team

Our Robotics Center Team

The surgeons who perform robotic (minimally invasive) surgeries at Rochester General Hospital are leaders in the Rochester NY region and in the nation. Rochester General is one of just four "case observation centers" in the world, and draws visiting physicians from around the country who come to observe the latest techniques being pioneered by RGH surgeons.

Below is a list of the surgeons by specialty who perform robotic surgeries at Rochester General Hospital:


Dr. Bastian Domajnko  Bastian Domajnko, MD Dr. Stephen Ognibene Steven Ognibene, MD
Dr. Asim Farid Asim Farid, MD Dr. Stephen M. Rauh Stephen M. Rauh, MD








Dr. Paul Cabral
Paul Cabral, MD * Dr. Rahul Laroia Rahul Laroia, MD
Dr. Tamara DiNolfo Tamara E. DiNolfo, MD Dr. Johann Piquion

Johann Piquion, MD *


Dr. Wendy Albano-Dwyer

Wendy Albano-Dwyer, MD


Neelam Sharma, MD Neelam Sharma, MD
Dr. Marc Eigg

Marc H. Eigg, MD *



Rehan Asif, MD


Dr. Marc Greenstein

Marc Greenstein, MD *


Dr. Waldemar Klimek Waldemar Klimek, MD
 mroz  Peter Mroz, MD  earlando_thomas Earlando Thomas, MD *
Mohamad Sobhi Mahmoud, MD
Mohamad Mahmoud, MD *


* = Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecology (COEMIG) Designated Physician. Learn more about this COEMIG designation


Dr. Melanie Butler  Melanie Butler, MD glazer Abraham A. Glazer, MD
photo coming soon John Cannon, MD oleyourrk_gregory_md Gregory J. Oleyourryk, MD
Dr. Laurence Donahue Laurence A. Donahue, MD tonetti_frederick_md2 Frederick Tonetti, MD
 eichel Louis Eichel, MD  madeb  Ralph Madeb, MD
Dr. John Valvo John Valvo, MD