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Prevention & Screening

Your health is our top priority.

Our experienced surgeons are here to help you improve or restore your overall health and quality of life through proper prevention and early detection. Understanding your personal risk factors, such as a family history of certain cancers, including but not limited to colon and ovarian cancer, as well as other hereditary disorders, and recognizing their signs are important steps to maintaining your health.

Proper screening is also an essential part of preventive care. Many symptoms detected during routine check-ups or cancer screenings may be a sign of a more serious condition requiring medical attention. Several of these symptoms are also associated with other, non-cancerous conditions, so it’s important to receive a thorough checkup and have any medical problem diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Seeking timely medical attention will help to ensure you receive the most effective treatment available and the best possible outcome. 

To see a full list of conditions we treat using robotic-assisted surgery and minimally invasive robotic treatment options we provide, visit our Diagnosis & Treatment page.

If you would like to arrange a non-urgent appointment with one of our physicians, please contact us or use our Online Appointment Request feature at the top of this page.