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About Us

State-of-the-art technology. Advanced laser surgery procedures.

For more than 20 years, the Laser Surgery Center at Rochester General Hospital has been enhancing patient care through minimally invasive surgical laser treatments. Our board-certified laser surgeons and experienced staff use a multidisciplinary team approach, working closely with you and your primary care physician, to provide the most accurate diagnosis and tailor a unique treatment to fit your specific laser treatment needs.

What is Laser Surgery?
Laser surgery is a type of surgery that uses special light beams in place of other traditional tools like scalpels to cut, vaporize or coagulate tissues and break-up urethral, kidney and bladder stones with little or no damage to surrounding areas.

As the laser’s light beam hits the skin, it will either be reflected, scattered, absorbed, or pass through the different layers of the skin, with certain parts of the skin called chromophones absorbing the light and causing different physical, mechanical, chemical or temperature changes in each layer of tissue.

Using state-of-the-art lasers, our laser surgery perform a variety of open and minimally invasive procedures, including more common laser treatments procedures such as prostate removal, bladder tumors, stones, condylomata, surgical debridement of infected tissue and complex wounds, adjunct in breast surgery, various congenital and vascular lesions (i.e., Port Wine Stain, etc.) and laryngeal tumors.

To learn more about the conditions we treat using laser surgery, please visit our surgical division web site diagnosis and laser treatment pages.