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Mendick Cardiac Center

Welcome to Rochester General Hospital’s Mendick Cardiac Center, where an expert team cares for cardiac patients including patients experiencing chest pain or discomfort, have congestive heart failure and are receiving pacemakers and/or defibrillators and being treated for arrhythmia.

Your Health Care Team

While in the Center, you will be cared for by a multi-disciplinary team including your doctor, nurses, care managers, unit technicians, secretaries, social workers, dieticians and physical therapists. All team members play an important role in your recovery.

Growing to Serve You

In 1997, Rochester General Hospital open the first Theodore and Cashmere M. Mendick Cardiac Evaluation Center in order to better evaluate patients with chest pain.  On March 19, 2001 a new 26-bed Center opened on the fifth floor of the hospital. Theodore and Cashmere M. Mendick Foundation supported the construction of this new Center with a generous gift to the Rochester General Hospital Foundation.

Providing rapid testing and evaluation of patients with chest pain was a focal point in the design of the center, with cardiac monitors and other special cardiac equipment throughout. The central work area is open so that staff can readily monitor the area and assist each other as needed; computer workstations and equipment are conveniently located to enhance workflow on the unit. With soft colors and coordinating borders, the center’s design is soothing for patients and family members.

Today, the Mendick Cardiac Center cares for patients with many cardiac diagnoses including chest pain, heart failure and arrhythmias as well as for patients recovering from receiving pacemakers and defibrillators.


Patients are generally discharged after 10 AM. Because test and procedure times vary, discharge times also vary. Please be aware that the patient may be discharged after dinner or in the evening.