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Non-Invasive Cardiology

non-invasive cardiologyNon-invasive cardiology involves tests to evaluate and diagnose disorders of the heart. A person with a history of heart disease, chest pain with unknown cause or valvular heart disease may be referred for non-invasive evaluation. These tests screen your heart, helping your doctor determine what treatment and lifestyle changes will keep your heart healthy. By learning what these tests are why they're being done, you'll feel more comfortable and confident going into them.

There are three types of tests: 

  • Non-invasive tests do not involve inserting needles, instruments or fluids into the body.
  • Minimally invasive procedures may include a simple needle prick for intravenous access to give fluids, mild sedation, or certain heart medications. Minimally invasive procedures may also include insertion of a small tube, device or scope.
  • Nuclear diagnostic tests, while they may sound frightening, are very safe and performed on patients that either can't walk on a treadmill or are taking medications that prevent them from receiving other types of tests.

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