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Coronary angioplasty is a method of expanding arteries leading to your heart that may have become blocked. Arteries can become blocked for a number of reasons, the most common of which is atherosclerosis, a disease caused by the accumulation of plaque in your arteries (once commonly known as “hardening of the arteries”). Angioplasty is an excellent treatment to restore blood flow and oxygen through the heart by widening narrowed or blocked arteries.

How does coronary angioplasty work?

Angioplasty requires a slender balloon-tipped tube to be threaded from an artery to a trouble spot in the artery of your heart. The balloon is then inflated, which compresses the blockage and widens the narrowed artery to restore blood flow. When necessary, a tiny wire tube called a stent left inside the artery to hold it open.