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Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation

Our Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program - Phase I

The first phase in The Sands-Constellation Heart Institute’s Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed especially for patients during their hospital stay after a heart attack, open heart surgery, angioplasty or stent procedure, or other cardiac event.  It focuses on educating you and your family about specific heart problems, and helping you transition from the hospital back into your every day life with a renewed, healthy outlook.

inpatient cardiac rehabilitationOur Inpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation program offers an initial Cardiac Education Session after your procedure, which gives you and your family the opportunity to discuss and review information on signs and symptoms of heart disease, about lifestyle changes, and more – all in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

Inpatient cardiac rehab is a chance to look at the many components affecting your heart health. We offer professional support for you in your recovery, as well as help you prevent future cardiac problems.

What Can I Expect From Inpatient Cardiac Rehab?

Inpatient Cardiac Rehab occurs during your hospitalization. You can expect to first have the initial Cardiac Education Session, then a personally designated nurse will work with you on evaluating your needs for education based on your risk factors. Phase I is essentially education and assessment before moving on to Phase II.  

Where Do I Go After Phase I?    

Prior to your discharge from the hospital, we offer you and your family a “discharge class” This class will cover what your exercise and activity level should be upon your return home, as well as how to take care of any incisions and how to protect yourself from infection. In fact, a registered nurse will call you the day after your discharge to answer any questions or concerns you might have now that you are at home.

Depending on the assessment and recommendations made by your cardiologist and your cardiac rehabilitation team, you may be referred to continuing rehabilitation at our Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Center for Phases II – IV.