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Cardiac Rehabilitation Center

Rochester General Hosptial Cardiac Rehab Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation Doesn't Stop When You Leave the Hospital

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is unique because it goes beyond physical exercise. We created our program knowing that controlling heart disease is a life-long, lifestyle issue. With us, you’ll learn and develop a plan of action for all of your cardiac risk factors. Our goal is to heal, not just the heart, but you as a whole person. Our outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program will help you regain control over your life, even when you may feel that your heart disease is controlling you.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center and our staff are here to help all heart patients and families to adapt to a new lifestyle after surgery or a cardiac event. We understand that it’s tough – which is why we have made sure that everyone and everything you need to heal is available to you at the Center. We tailor the program to meet your needs, make it a comfortable and safe experience, and make sure that your program is based on your personal abilities.

Our Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program Provides Professional Supervision and Services

Cardiac Rehab Program Team

Our cardiac rehabilitation program is designed to strengthen your heart and increase your vitality by teaching you how to get used to being physically active again. We’ll create a customized exercise program for you that will show you how long you should exercise, how frequently you should exercise and the correct way to do so. We have a very caring, professional staff here at the Center to help you every step of the way. They include:

  • Compassionate, professional registered nurses
  • Specially trained exercise specialists that understand your special needs and limitations
  • Dieticians that work one-on-one with you to teach you how to modify your diet
  • Specialists that work directly with you to teach you to be your own best advocate and give you confidence in living with your new lifestyle

The Components of Our 90-Minute Sessions

Our sessions are one-on-one, however you’ll be in an environment with other people just like you, all working together to get well again and provide support and camaraderie. Everything you need is right here at the rehabilitation center. Our classes are flexible, based on your specific schedule and needs. Our goal is to make cardiac rehabilitation as positive experience, helping you to be perfectly able to return to your normal life.

Making Progress through On-Going Evaluation

You’ll always receive on-going evaluations as you begin your exercise program. As you progress, our specially trained nursing staff and exercise specialists will update your exercise plan.

Arrhythmia Monitoring

exercise bikeIn addition to monitoring your blood pressure, pulse and your general state of well being during exercise, we also monitor and evaluate your heart rhythm during exercise.

Learning the Heart Healthy Way

We also provide informational sessions on topics such as nutrition, exercises, stress management and more – all to help you maintain your new heart healthy lifestyle.

How Do I Join The Outpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Program?    

We accept referrals from physicians and other healthcare professionals. Insurance coverage can vary from plan to plan, so we recommend that patients check their coverage prior to outpatient enrollment, as a referral may be necessary. We also offer a reasonably priced self-pay program, be sure to ask us! For more information, or to make an appointment for the initial evaluation and screening, call (585) 922-7150.

What Other Programs or Sessions Does the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center Offer?

We also have an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator) Support Group. This program is designed to help support patients and families get used to life’s changes after ICD surgery, to help familiarize you with living with your ICD, and to answer any questions you may have.
Our ICD Support Group sessions have included discussions on emergency situations, traveling & driving with an ICD, what it feels like to get a shock, sex after ICD surgery, new ICD technology, medication and its side effects, and more. These sessions are free and designed to help you with adjusting to your new lifestyle. People of all ages and health take part of this support group. We’ve found that by working together and learning through others that our patients become very comfortable and more confident about living with their new defibrillator.

Long-term Relationships

Some of our patients have been coming to the Cardiac Rehabilitation Center for many years because of the relationships they have formed with other patients and our staff. The success of our program is very much because of these special relationships – we invite you to come and take a tour, meet everyone on our team and become a part of this success.

Continuing the Cardiac Rehabilitatino Program

Many of our patients decide to continue on with cardiac rehabilitation and care after Phase II. For these patients, we offer Phase III, which is a less structured continuation of Phase II. This program is offered for either a 12-week or 18-week period. You may also opt for Phase IV if you want to continue your commitment to healthier lifestyle in a supervised program following Phase III.

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Center believes in offering patients psychological and educational support during the recovery process. Our cardiac rehab team understands that it can be difficult returning to an active life after being hospitalized for a heart problem. We offer events, classes, support groups and plenty of encouragement to help you on your journey.

Research studies have shown that people who participate in cardiac rehabilitation programs experience less recurrence of heart problems, a more rapid return to work and daily activities and a greater sense of well-being. The supportive environment with other individuals who have gone through similar experiences provide the support that many people find especially helpful as they continue with new lifestyle changes.


Rochester General Hospital
Cardiac Rehabilitation Center
1850 East Ridge Road
Rochester, NY 14622
(585) 922-7150

From the West via route 104: Route 104 EAST to Goodman Street exit. Turn left onto Goodman Street. Turn right onto East Ridge Road. Travel approximately 0.9 miles on East Ridge Road, the facility is on the left.

From the East via route 104: Route 104 WEST to the Culver Road exit. Turn right off the exit ramp onto Culver Road. Turn left at the intersection with East Ridge Road. Travel approximately 0.3 miles, the facility is on the right.

From the South: Take 390 north to 590 north to 104 West to Culver Road (comes up quick). Turn right onto Culver Road. Then turn left onto East Ridge Road. The facility will be on your right, 1850 East Ridge Road at the Ridgeview Place next to Boat US.