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Cardiac Rehabilitation

Rochester General Hospital Cardiac Rehab

Contact Information

2655 Ridgeway Avenue, Suite 210
Rochester, NY 14626

Phone: (585) 368-4374  
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Newark-Wayne Community Hospital
1200 Driving Park Ave.
Newark, NY 14513

Phone: (315) 332-2463

What is a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and Who is it For?

Cardiac rehabilitation offers a medically supervised program created to help heart patients recover quickly and improve their overall physical and mental health, and is appropriate for a wide variety of heart patients. If you have had a cardiac event such as heart attack, angioplasty, bypass surgery or heart valve surgery or if you have two or more risk factors for heart disease (such as elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, diabetes and weight issues), then cardiac rehabilitation could be right for you.

Our main goal with cardiac rehabilitation is to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, while maintaining a high level of heart fitness, and to reduce the risk of another heart problem or the worsening of a heart condition. We use a team approach to cardiac rehabilitation – your own dedicated rehabilitation team will work together to create your personal plan.

What Does Cardiac Rehabilitation Involve?

Before entering the program, you will need to have a simple exercise tolerance (stress) test conducted by your own cardiologist in order to evaluate your medical condition. This test is usually covered by insurance.

Phase I: This cardiac rehabilitation phase is completed during your initial hospital stay. A cardiac rehabilitation member provides education and information to ease the transition from hospital to home.

Phase II: This phase usually begins two to eight weeks after a cardiac event, depending on your recovery time. It includes in-depth education about heart disease risk factors and counseling on lifestyle changes. Exercise is also an important component of this phase. Phase II consists of a 12-week (three 90- minute sessions per week) or 18-week (two 90-minute sessions per week) and is covered by most insurances.

Continuing the Program: Once you have completed Phase II cardiac rehabilitation, you may continue our program. We offer Phase III, which is a less structured but more intense continuation of the Phase II. This program is also for a 12-week or 18-week period. Phase IV is for people who want to continue their commitment to healthier lifestyle in a supervised exercise program. This is a self-pay program.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Goals and Plans

Rochester General Hospital Cardiac Rehab





Our cardiac rehabilitation specialists are here to help you understand how to live a healthy life following a cardiac event or concern. We commit to:

  • Provide you with the services to help you lead a healthier, more active life
  • Give you and your family the knowledge needed to live with heart disease
  • Help you understand the importance of including exercise in your daily routine

The Sands-Constellation Heart Institute’s inpatient and outpatient cardiac rehabilitation programs are here for you to help you improve your heart health.

Eligibility & Insurance


Enrollment in the cardiac rehabilitation program is dependent upon physician referral but is often appropriate for patients who are recovering from a heart attack, open heart surgery or angioplasty.


Many medical insurance policies cover Phase II cardiac rehabilitation. However, there may be some restrictions on the number of sessions and conditions covered. You should be certain to consult with your health insurance carrier or company benefits administrator for an explanation of coverage.

Phase III and IV are both affordable self-pay programs.