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Sports Medicine

manrunningFrom weekend warriors to life-long athletes, our goal is to get you back to the highest level of activity possible. Whether that means running a 5k race, playing softball on the weekends or returning to practice with a college sports team, our board-certified physicians will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

The Orthopaedic Surgeons at Rochester General are experts in the medical and surgical treatment of sports injuries and conditions. We provide the full range of Sports Medicine services - caring for college, high school and elementary athletes, as well as adult and seniors of all athletic levels. We have a fellowship-trained Sports Medicine specialist and all of our Orthopaedic Surgeons are trained in Sports Medicine.

Conditions we treat include:

Achilles tendinitis and tendon ruptures ♦ Nerve pain & injuries
ACL injuries Osgood-Schlatter Disease
Arthritis Osteoarthritis
Back / neck pain & problems Overuse / overtraining injuries
Bursitis ♦ Patellar Tracking Disorder
Cartilage problems PCL injury
Collarbone injuries Posterior Tibial Tendinitis
Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS) ♦ Pulled or ruptured muscles
Elbow pain & problems Quadricep pain & injuries
♦ Fractures (hip, shoulder, growth plate) Repetitive motion injuries
Golfer's and baseball elbow Rotator cuff injuries (torn, tendinitis)
Hamstring injuries Shoulder separation, dislocation, tendinitis
Head injuries Shin splints
Knee pain & injuries Soft tissue injuries
LCL injury Sprains & strains
Lumbar strain Tennis elbow
MCL injury Trigger finger
Meniscus injury Whiplash


Our Sports Medicine Specialists

Dr. Gary Bassette

Gary Besette, MD
(585) 218-0708
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  Dr. David Carrier

David Carrier, MD
(585) 218-9237
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 BrownChris Christopher Brown, MD
(315) 359-2696
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  Dr. John Klibanoff

John Klibanoff, MD
(585) 723-3000
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Dr. John Gibbs John Gibbs, DO
(585) 486-9061
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  Dr. Stephen Posnick

Stephen Posnick, MD
(585) 922-9003
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Dr. Robert Little Robert Little, MD
(585) 723-3000
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  PRIVITERA David Privitera, MD
(585) 266-0061
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Dr. Edward Tanner

Edward Tanner, MD
(585) 266-2010
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