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Spine Surgery

The spine (spinal column) is the energy source for all of our bodily functions, extending from the base of the head to the sacrum - that triangular bit at the base of our spine in the lower back. If you compare the spine to a multi-story building, each of the floors are similar to the vertebrae in our spine. Each vertebra has its own function and can create its own problem or cause a chain reaction if it is even slightly out of place.
Dr. Whitbeck review patient xrayMost back pain and problems do not immediately require surgery; however, the pain that you may be experiencing could be connected to a more serious problem. Early recognition and treatment of spine (back) injuries and conditions can reduce your chance of later complications and loss of function. Your spine is a vital part of your body - entrust it to a highly-trained and knowledgable physician.

The highly-trained Orthopaedic Surgeons at Rochester General Orthopaedics offer comprehensive non-surgical and surgical treatment of adult and pediatric spine injuries and disorders, including conditions involving the neck and lower back. Our board-certified surgeons offer the most advanced techniques to treat spinal conditions (including minimally-invasive surgery) to the residents of the Greater Rochester NY and Finger Lakes regions.

Conditions we treat include:

Back pain and problems Neck fracture
Coccyx fracture Sacroiliac joint pain            
♦ Complex spine problems
(associated with growth disorders)

♦ Degenerative disease
(cervical spine, disc)

Spinal stenosis
Herniated, prolapsed or ruptured discs Spinal deformity
Infections of the spine Spine fracture
Kyphosis Spondylosis
Myelomeningocele (Spina bifida) Trauma
Neuromuscular disorders Tumors


Our Spine Surgeons

 Dr. Stephen Lasser

Stephen Lasser, MD
(315) 789-4272

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 Dr. Gordon Whitbeck  Gordon Whitbeck, MD
(585) 342-2410

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