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Rochester General Wound Healing Center


Advanced Care for Complex Wounds  

585.922.HEAL (4325)

No physician referral required for appointments

The region's largest and most comfortable hyperbaric chambers

Plenty of free parking, and easy patient access

Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances accepted

The Rochester General Wound Healing Center, an alliance with St. Ann’s Community, provides outpatient care for wounds resulting from conditions including:

  • Venous ulcers
  • Arterial and diabetic wounds
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Surgical wounds
  • Traumatic injuries

Any wound that has not started to heal in two weeks, or is not completely healed in four weeks, may benefit from our services.

A Collaborative Approach

Our team, led by Associate Medical Director Kim Petrone, MD, develops a personalized plan that matches each patient with techniques including:

  • Dr. Kim PetroneCompression Therapy – Uses special bandages to hasten wound healing.
  • Total Contact Casting – A localized cast helps evenly distribute weight on the foot's surface, speeding up healing by reducing pressure on the wound.
  • Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy – A vacuum pump applies gentle, concentrated pressure on acute and chronic wounds.
  • Cellular Tissue Products – Ideal for non-healing wounds that are non-responsive to standard techniques.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Wound Healing Center

HBOT can enhance healing on its own, with or without other types of treatment. The patient rests comfortably in a hyperbaric chamber that is pressurized with 100% oxygen. As the atmospheric pressure is gradually increased, the tissues around the wound receive more oxygen, to speed up the body's natural healing process.

This technique can be helpful with chronic wounds and other specific conditions requiring aggressive treatment. Our hyperbaric chambers are the largest in the area, for added patient comfort.

Rochester General Wound Healing Center
at St. Ann's Community
1500 Portland Ave., Rochester, NY 14621
Call 585.922.HEAL (4325)
Fax: 585.413.5011