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Proven Expertise, Exceptional Service

  214 Alexander Street
  Suite 1000
  Rochester NY 14607

  Contact Information
  Appointments: 585.922.2160
  Fax: 585.922.3290
  Imaging Center Manager: David

  Mondays-Fridays 8am – 6pm
  Saturdays 8am – 12noon

  • Flexible early or late scheduling is available on request.
  • Walk-ins may be accommodated based on availability and procedure.

  Most major insurance plans, including
  Medicare and Medicaid, are

Our team of physicians and radiologic technologists is highly trained, with decades of experience on the Radiology staff at Rochester General Hospital. Their senior-level expertise is matched by a dedicated commitment to provide exceptional care and customer service to patients and physicians alike.

  • An on-site radiologist is committed to timely review of scan results, reducing unnecessary delays for physicians or patients.
  • Referring physicians are notified promptly of positive findings by Imaging Center personnel.
  • Technologists are cross-trained in all modalities, to ensure maximum coverage and the most flexible scheduling of appointments.
  • Paperless scheduling (for Rochester General Medical Group and other RGHS-affiliated practices) enables fast electronic transmission of referrals directly from your office to the Imaging Center.

 To Schedule an Exam

  • First, order the exam in Care Connect (for RGMG or RGHS-affiliated practices) or fax an order to 585.922.3290.
  • Next, call the centralized RGHS scheduler at 585.922.2160 to arrange a convenient study appointment for your patient.
  • Diagnostic X-rays can be accommodated on a walk-in basis without a scheduled appointment. However, the patient will need a Care Connect order (or a paper prescription, if the patient’s provider is not on Care Connect).