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Commitment (Leadership & Financial)

Leadership Commitment

  • Strong physician leadership and commitment are required for success.
  • Both the practice manager and a designated physician champion are needed to lead all practice staff to full adoption.
  • The physician champion must have a good understanding of their practice’s operational controls and work processes.
  • This leader will embrace change, including disruption of office flow and work processes during implementation, as the entire practice moves forward into the digital world of Care Connect.


Financial Commitment and Capacity

  • The financial investment in the Care Connect Community Physician Program is greater than the obvious project costs.
  • Implicit costs include system set-up and learning activities, as well as the soft costs of reduced productivity during the initial learning curve.
  • All members of the practice must understand that this learning curve can only be overcome through knowledge and persistent effort, which may require a reduced schedule for the first couple of weeks.