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Rochester General Health System's goal is to support the availability of healthcare information for everyone

Providing timely access to healthcare information can save peoples' lives and lower healthcare costs. However, several ethnic, disabled, and economic groups are underserved and are not receiving the healthcare information that they need. Our commitment is to provide relevant healthcare information and access to this information for everyone through our Web site.


According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, approximately one in five Americans has a disability. RGHS is committed to improving the lives of our patients who are disabled by providing access to the healthcare information and services they need through our Web site.

One of the ways that we're assisting patients is through the use of technology.

For patients with hearing loss or speech disability

For our patients with hearing loss or a speech disability, we offer access to the Free Relay Text service throughout our Web site. Free Relay Text provides access to an online translator to assist you with contacting one of our services. To access this service, click on icon throughout the Web site that looks like this:

Free Text Relay Icon



When a user clicks on this button, a new window opens and automatically connects you with a translator who will help facilitate your call with the healthcare service provider. The service is free and available to all of our users.

For English As a Second Language (ESL) patients and families

RGHS provides patients and family members access to translation services so we can provide the best care possible. We want every patient to know that we understand their healthcare needs, and we want them to feel comfortable while they're receiving care with us. Through the redesign of our Web site, RGHS will continue to make the necessary technology improvements to allow for translation of the information on our Web site into other languages.

For patients without computer access

The Patient Library at Rochester General Hospital has computer terminals for our patients and visitors to access online information. The Patient Library also has books, journals, etc., that are available for our patients and visitors. Volunteers bring a book cart around to patient rooms, daily. Click here for more information about the Patient Library.

Rochester General Hospital also offers complimentary wireless Internet service for our patients and visitors. To make things more convenient for our patients and visitors, we invite you to access our Public Internet Service (“ViaPublicWifi”) using your own wireless-enabled laptop computer. Free access is provided in all public areas. Simply launch your Web browser, complete the short registration, and you will be surfing immediately.Click here for more information and instructions about FREE Wireless Internet Access.

For patients who are visually impaired or blind

The RGHS Web site has been designed to allow users to change the size of the content on the site to suit their needs. Once you increase the text size it will display in the selected size across the entire Web site.

MS Internet Explorer Users
Select "View > Text Size > Larger (Largest)"

Mozilla Firefox Users
Select "View > Zoom > Zoom Text Size Only. " If you'd like to continue to increase the font size, select "View > Zoom > Zoom In (or Ctrl ++)."

We're committed to improving our site to allow users with content readers to easily access healthcare information. All images thoughout the site contain ALT tags allowing our users with content readers to experience the design elements on the pages.


RGHS is committed to continually improving our Web presence. If you have a suggestion or comment to help us provide better access to information or services on our site, please feel free to contact us at webmaster@rochestergeneral.org.