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Steps to Become a Volunteer

Since you will or may interact with patients, their families, and visitors, we are obligated to the following on-boarding requirements for your protection and the protection of those whom we serve.

The following is a Step-by-Step guide of requirements for new volunteers: 

Step 1: Complete an Application Form 

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Once the application is complete, proceed to Step #2.

Step 2: Interview 

Contact Jane Harrison (Secretary/Receptionist) at 585-922-3725 to schedule your 30-minute interview with the Volunteer Coordinator or Director to discuss your schedule, your interests, and the volunteer needs available at that time.

Step 3: Complete a Health Review Questionnaire and Screening

Volunteer has two options available to obtain Medical Clearance. You may:

A. Obtain medical clearance through their primary care provider’s office:

  • Have doctor fill in and sign pages 2-3 of the Health Review Questionnaire.
  • Have doctor’s office provide prospective Volunteer with first of two Mantoux tuberculosis skin tests (TST).  The second TST will be provided at Rochester General Hospital, Team Member Health Service.
  • Have doctor’s office either provide record of immunization shots and dates or have blood work done to verify immunization.
  • A pre-placement urine drug test is required.  This can be collected in our Team Member Health Service (TMHS) office.*
  • A second test for tuberculosis (skin test) may be required as part of our two-step testing.*

* For your convenience, an appointment is not required for DRUG SCREEN or PPD PLACEMENT. Simply present to TMHS any Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM.  Please bring TWO of the following forms of identification with you:  Driver’s License, Passport, School Picture ID, or Credit Card with a photo.

B. If you are 18 years of age or older AND have a family physician, you may obtain medical clearance at the Rochester General Hospital Team Member Health Service (TMHS) office.  To do so:

  • Contact TMHS Office at (585)922-4037 to schedule a new Volunteer pre-placement exam. 
  • Print one of the following Health Review Questionnaire:
  • Contact your primary care provider’s office to obtain any available immunization records or lab titers (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (Rubella only if born before 1/1/1957).  If information is not available, appropriate blood tests can be drawn in the Health office. Information can be faxed to the TMHS office on their secure fax at (585) 922-4790.
  • At the scheduled appointment, bring any immunization records, the completed Health Review Questionnaire, and TWO of the following forms of identification with you:  Driver’s License, Passport, School Picture ID, or Credit Card with a photo.  A Urine Drug Screen, a pre-placement physical exam, and any additional required tests will be provided at that time.  If there are any concerns regarding your fitness to work, your primary care provider will be contacted regarding any restrictions or accommodations.

Step 4: Online Orientation Study and In-Classroom Training 

  1. Complete the online study portion of the orientation and print, complete, sign and turn in all required paperwork.
  2. Register for the in-classroom Volunteer Orientation and Training Session by calling 585-922-5465.

Step 5: Final Review of Volunteer Paperwork

Application, interview notes, health assessment paperwork, health clearance, criminal background check information and reference letters are all reviewed by the Department of Volunteer Services.  We hold the right at any point in the process to decline admission into the volunteer program for Rochester General Health System.