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Television, Telephone & Other Services

To demonstrate our commitment to patient/family-centered care, Rochester General offers many services to make your stay more enjoyable and convenient.

FREE Television Service

Rochester General Health System (RGHS), including Rochester General Hospital and Newark-Wayne Community Hospital, has eliminated ALL charges for inpatient television service. In addition to dropping the television fees at the two hospitals, all patient room televisions, day room televisions and waiting area televisions have been replaced with new, 22-inch flat screen units.

For inpatients across the health system, the changes mean:

  • Improved television reception
  • Updated digital remote technology
  • Easier access to programming, which also includes internal channels offering patient education, newborn information and humor therapy 

Patient Education Channel

The patient education channel (channel 15) is offered through the cooperation of TB&A Hospital Television, Inc. and Rochester General’s Division of Nursing Education. All patients, regardless of whether or not they purchase commercial television service, have access to the education channel. Program schedules are available on all nursing units. Your physician or nurse may suggest that you view a particular program that relates to your care. In addition, the channel provides a detailed review of your patient rights several times daily. Families and visitors are welcome to watch the patient education channel.

FREE Telephone Service

Patients no longer have to pay to make or receive calls. Rochester General Health System (RGHS) is providing telephone service in all patient rooms at Rochester General Hospital and Newark-Wayne Community Hospital AT NO CHARGE to the patient and/or family. This benefit continues our tradition of providing the highest quality patient experience within our health system. Among the changes to RGHS telephone service:

  • All telephone ports in patient rooms will remain enabled at all times for staff and patient convenience.
  • Our Information desk will continue to transfer inbound calls to patient rooms.
  • Outbound calling still requires dialing 9 prior to dialing the local number.
  • Direct Long Distance calling will not be available. To make a long distance call, patients will first need to call the switchboard operator.

FREE Wireless Internet

A FREE Wireless network is available for patients and visitors. You will need a Wi-Fi compliant 802.11a, b, or g wireless Ethernet device installed in your laptop or a laptop with built-in WiFi capability. Simply launch your Web browser, complete the short registration, and you will be surfing immediately. Access the RGHS Wireless Network


Smoking is recognized as a major cause of disease and death and is a primary cause of fires in health care facilities. In accordance with regulatory standards, Rochester General Health System prohibits the use of smoking materials throughout its hospitals, buildings & grounds. RGHS is a smoke-free campus. Smoking is NOT ALLOWED.


An automatic teller machine is located in the Main Lobby and in the Emergency Department for your convenience. It provides 24-hour service to customers of any New York Cash Exchange (NYCE) institution.

Books & Magazines

Travel to faraway places with regular- or large-print books and magazines from the Patient/Staff Library. You can make your selection from the traveling book cart, circulated twice a week by volunteers, or by calling the Library at (585) 922-4457. The Library is open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Before you leave the Hospital, please return any books to the book box on your floor, outside the Library on the first floor, or in the ramp garage. Also, books and magazines may be purchased in the Twig Gift Shop.


RGH offers interpreter services to our patients and visitors upon request. Interpretation services are available for several languages as well as for our patients and visitors with hearing loss or a speech disabilities. All patient and public telephones are equipped with amplified induction receivers ,TDD units are available upon request, and televisions are equipped for closed captioning.

RGH also provides the Free Text Relay Service throughout our Web site. Anytime you see the Free Text Relay button, you can click on it to be connected with one of our online interpreters. For more information about these services, call the Social Work department at 2-4392 (inside the hospital) or at (585) 922-4392 (outside the hospital). free text relay button




RGH mailroom and volunteer team members will deliver your mail daily. Patients may also receive email through the Email an RGH Patient link. Mail that arrives after you have left the Hospital will be forwarded to your home by the Mail Room. If you have any questions regarding your mail, please call 2-4569 (from a hospital phone) or (585) 922-4569 (using a non-hospital phone).

Stamps are available for purchase at the Twig Gift Shop.

Federal Express

A Federal Express box is located outside the first floor lobby. The last daily pick-up is at 6 p.m. There are no pick-ups on the weekends.

Fax Machine

A fax machine is available in the Werner Medical Library on the first floor of the Hospital. There is no cost to receive faxes. To send faxes, there is a charge of $3.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page. For more information, call (585) 922-4743.


If you would like to receive a morning and/or evening newspaper, please ask your nurse to place a newspaper sign outside your door. You will be charged for the paper at the time of delivery. Newspaper vending machines are located in the first floor lobby.

Notary Public

If you need the services of a notary public at any time during your stay, ask your nurse or unit secretary to arrange for the service on your behalf.


Taxicabs may be called from pay phones on all nursing floors or from the lobby concourse. Our Social Work Department can arrange special transportation, such as ambulances or chairmobiles. RGH is also on the RTS Public Bus Route