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Medicaid FAQs

How can I get help paying for my medical bills?
RGH and affiliates have FCMs on site who can assist in determining if you qualify for Medicaid or other programs. Eligibility depends on your age, income, health, resources and other requirements. To determine what program you may qualify for, please call 922-1001.

I'm not sure if I would qualify for Medicaid, I work full time. (Federal Poverty Line Table)
While employment is considered for eligibility, it’s not the only determining factor. For example, if you have a child(ren) you may still qualify for Medicaid through a spend down or Family Health Plus. Please call 922-1001 to speak to a Financial Case Manager who can assist you in choosing the correct program for you.

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?
Medicare is for people who are over 65 or have a disability. Folks are automatically enrolled in Medicare once you have reached age 65(provided you have met the work quarter requirements) or are deemed disabled. Medicaid is geared toward lower income and limited resource people or families. Medicaid eligibility is determined based on income and household size. Medicare is federally governed, while Medicaid is overseen by both State and Federal governments.

How do I pay for Nursing Home, Assisted Living, and/or rehab?
Most insurances cover rehab at a skilled nursing facility on a short term basis. If assisted living is needed, our veterans who qualify, can get Aid and Attendance to help with monthly charges. Medicaid is available to those who qualify based on the income and assets guidelines set forth by New York State. Speak with a financial case manager who can screen you for eligibility and assist you with applying.

What if I am of an illegal immigration status and have incurred medical bills?
In New York State, any person, regardless of their immigration status, can obtain Medicaid coverage for treatment of an emergency medical condition as long as the person meets income guidelines and the definition of Emergency Medical Treatment. Contact a Financial Case Manager who can assist in determining if you qualify. 

Can I obtain Medicaid if I already have insurance?
If a person is financially eligible for Medicaid or Family Health Plus, they may be able to keep their existing coverage and Medicaid/FHP will pay the premium on behalf of the client. You may also be able to have Medicaid as a second insurance. Please contact a financial case manager at 585-922-1001 for more information.

What are the differences between Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D?

  • Part A is hospital insurance provided by Medicare. Most people do not pay a premium for this coverage. Part A covers inpatient care in skilled nursing facilities, critical access hospitals, and hospitals. Hospice and home health care are also covered by Part A.
  • Part B is medical insurance to pay for medically necessary services and supplies provided by Medicare. Most people will have to pay a premium to receive this coverage. Part B covers outpatient care, doctor’s services, physical or occupational therapists, and additional home health care.
  • Part C is the combination of Part A and Part B. The main difference in Part C is that it is provided through private insurance companies provided by Medicare. With this program, you may have lower costs and receive extra benefits.
  • Part D is stand-alone prescription drug coverage insurance. Most people do have to pay a premium for this coverage. Plans vary and cover different drugs, but all medically necessary drugs are covered. You can choose what drug plan will be best suited to your needs.