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     Reuben A. Adams

    A founding member of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital's medical 


     Eva Allerton 

     Early Nurse Supervisor at the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital and
     influential Nurse reformer.

    Miss Ida Jane Anderson ’02

   Graduate of the 1902 class of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital's
   Training School for Nurses.  Holds the distinction of being the first
   Registered Nurse in New York State.


     Lawrence Bradley
    Longterm Director of the Hospital who oversaw an era of modernization and growth. 


      Jessica Heal, RN

      Considered the "Dean of Supervising Nurses" in Rochester.  An 1896 
      graduate of the Training School, she went on to serve in the first world war as a Red Cross Nurse and eventually as the Hospital's Supervisor of Nurses retiring in 1935.


     Isabella Watson Hollister

    An early supporter of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital and the
    first treasurer of the Board of Supervisors. 



     Edwin H. Hurd, M.D.

     A founding member of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital's
     medical staff.

        John Mallory Lee, MD

     A founding member of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital, serving as the hospital's Chief Surgeon and Vice-Presidentof the Medical Staff.  He opened his own private hospital named the Lee Private Hospital and was a early innovator in nuculear theapy for cancer.



     Dr. Marcena Sherman Ricker

  Dr. Ricker was a graduate of the Rochester City Hospital's   Training  School for Nurses in 1884.  After graduating from the Homeopathic Hospital Medical School in Cleveland Ohio with a medical degree,  Dr. Ricker holds the distinction of the first women physician on the medical staff of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital  and also the personal physician of Susan B. Anthony during her final  illness.


       Mrs. Hiram Sibley

       Elizabeth Tinker Sibley was the wife of the founder of Western 
       Union and one the most generaous early benefactors.


       Mrs. Hiram W. Sibley

       Margaret Durbin Harper Sibley was a early supporter of the
       Rochester Homeopathic and served for 45 years on the board of
       Governors, 25 years as board prpesident.


       Thomas D. Spencer, M.D.
       Dr. Spencer was an early member of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital
       staff, serving as president of the medical staff from 1901-1902.



        Charles Sumner, M.D.

         An early Rochester Homeopathic pysician and a leading voice
         responsible in the  establishment of the Homeopathic Hospital. 


      Charles R. Sumner, M.D.

       Charles R. Sumner followed his father's example by serving on the medical staff of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital's from 1894 until 1926.  He served as president of the Rochester Academy of Medicine from 1902-1905 and president of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital's medical  staff from 1903-1904.


        Cyril Sumner, M.D.

        Dr. Sumner was the third generation of the Sumner family to serve
        as a physician at the Genesee Hospital.  Joining the medical staff in  1914, Dr. Sumner went on to serve as the Chief of the Surgery department  from 1919 until 1942


         Samuel J. Stabins, MD

         Dr. Samuel Stabbins was a longterm member of the Genesee
         Hospital  Medical Staff and dedicated member of the Hospital's Board of Governors.  His many accomplishments as an "Eminent Surgeon, Outstanding Teacher, and " Extraordinary Citizen" leave a lasting mark on the history of The  Genesee Hospital and the Rochester community.



      Caroline Manning Watson

      Caroline Manning Watson was the wife of the co-founder of Western Union, Don Alonzo Watson, and one the most generaous early benefactors.


         Theodore C. White, M.D.

         Dr. White was a well respected homeopathic physician in Rochester and one of the founding members of the Rochester Homeopathic Hospital and it's first president of the medical staff.