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Archives Council and Volunteers

Rochester Medical Museum and Archives Council

                                                             Sylvia Schenck, RN, Chairperson

Mrs. Peter E. Baltzer                              Elsie Glendenning                                 Mabelle Pizzutiello, RN
Georgianna Becker, RN                         Kathy Ippolito, RD                               Margaret Piecuch, RN 
Ruth Blackmore, RN                              Jacquelin Kennedy                               Carmela Rehtz, EdD,RN
Sandra Brzoza, MS, RN                         David Kluge, MD                                Carol Samuel, RN
Donald, DeFrees                                    Neal McNabb, MD                             Joanne Thompson, RN
Margaret Fuller, RN                               Patricia Mims                                       Arlene Van Halle

Advisory Members

Chloe Alexson, MD                                 Frederick Halik, DDS                            Joseph Plukas, MD
Lorraine Clark                                         Lucille Kinsella, RN                                Isabella Rodwell, RN
Mrs. Edward Curtis, Jr.                           Mrs. Leo Landhuis                                  Rosemary Roth, MSN, RN, CNOR
Stanley J. Douglas                                   Nirupama Laroia, MD                             Dorothy Shea, RN
Marguerite Dynski, SSJ, MD                   Teresa K. Lehr                                       Shirley Thompson, RN
Anne Fenstermacher                                Katherine McMahon, RN                       Mrs. Theodore VanZant
Annette Fuller, RN                                   Katherine MacDowell                            Eleanor Woodbury, MD
Joseph Geary, MD                                   Timothy Madigan, PhD                          Joan Zell                          



Georgianna Becker, RN, Registrar                                    Sue Gibson, Archives Assistant                                  
James Bossert, Archives Assistant                                     Janice Han, Archives Assistant                    
Evelyn Blocci, RN, Scrapbooks                                        Erica Maeder, Archives Assistant                        
Dan Cronk, Archives Assistant                                          Nick Pernot, Archives Assistant                            
Margaret Fuller, RN  TGH/TGHSON Collection              Arlene Van Halle, BHN Collection